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Excellent Results

I recently switched from bovine collagen to deep marine. The improvement in taste is the first thing I noticed but as I continue to use the product, I've noticed an improvement in the look of my hair and nails and a lessening of joint pain. I love this product because it also fits easily into my daily routine. Nancy S

  • 100% Made in Canada
  • Sustainably Produced With Wild Caught, Atlantic Fish
  • Buy Local, Support Local Canadian Economies

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    Our body naturally produces collagen, however as we age this ability declines, which can lead to painful joints and dry, lax skin. Supplementing with Canadian DeepMarine Collagen can offer significant improvements in joint function, pain reduction and numerous other benefits such as firmer, more hydrated skin and healthier hair and nails.

    • Why Deep Marine Collagen?

      Made from Wild Caught fish

      Skin and scales are full of highly valuable collagen proteins. Our collagen is 100% natural and Canadian. We use fish collagen from the scales of North Atlantic cod, haddock and pollock, parts of the fish that would normally be thrown away.

      Sustainably produced

      We use these skins in a sustainable manufacturing process called “up-cycling” and create a value added, Canadian made natural health product .

      When you choose Deep Marine collagen, you get collagen with the best bio-availability from the cleanest raw materials and produced in Canada under the world’s strictest manufacturing standards.

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